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Woman From West Sacramento Finally Reunites With Her Dog In A Christmas Miracle

January 3, 2023

Zeppelin Dog
Image from Sandra O’Neil via FOX40

More than a year ago, Sandra O’Neil from West Sacramento, lost her beloved dog named Zeppelin. After the dog’s usual visit to his favorite spot where he’d be given treats from construction workers, one day he was nowhere to be found. Within those 14 months without him, the owner never lost hope.

Zeppelin was found barking by Heather Reichart in her pasture all the way in Kansas, 1,600 miles away from O’Neil’s home. She took him to a vet in Louisburg to have his microchip checked. No one has any idea how the dog ended up all the way in Kansas.

Through the efforts of another helpful stranger, Mary Hastings, she drove the pooch all the way back home to reunite his owner. Hastings is from Newberry Springs in Southern California.

The reunion with her dog brought O’Neil to tears as she hugged Hastings for volunteering to bring Zeppelin back into her arms. 

In a Christmas miracle, just a day before Zeppelin was found, O’Neil went to the spot where she lost her pet and said a prayer. According to O’Neil, finding Zeppelin was indeed an “amazing gift.”

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