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Winter Trick Training and Modeling

December 31, 2022

It's winter, and Summer goes outside for cat trick training and some modeling.

Since I live in southern California, it rarely gets too cold for me to go outside. I’m lucky! I do enjoy having my training sessions around the house instead of inside it.

Somali cat with paw raised

There is so much going on outside to see and smell! So it gives my training sessions an extra added challenge. Getting me to do tricks outside ultimately means it is easier for me to do tricks, and learn them, on a set or in an exhibition hall.

Somali cat wearing a cute pink sweater

It was just a little bit chilly so it was also a good time to model a sweater. If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you saw me getting this sweater during a pet shop visit. But I never did have an official modeling session with it. So we figured now would be a good time. It’s a lightweight sweater that’s perfect for cool weather, like what we are having this week.

Side view of Somali cat in sweater

Here is a side view. I think it’s pretty nice!

Somali cat in sweater giving a high five

Of course I continued my trick practice while I wore my sweater.

Cute photo of Somali cat in sweater

I could have stayed outside longer, but I could tell my human wanted to go back in. So as soon as she took off my sweater, I led her back inside.

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Winter Trick Training and Modeling

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