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The Party Got Out of Hand at Club Meow

January 2, 2023

At Club Meow on New Year's Eve, the party got a little out of hand!

My New Year’s Eve party at Club Meow was so much fun! But, um, things got just a little bit out of hand.

Somali cat looking at wreckage from party

Okay, maybe a lot out of hand.

Somali cat after party, raising paw

But don’t worry. Even though I didn’t cause any of this, I’m willing to help with clean up!

Somali cat examining post-party wreckage

This is turning out to be a lot more work than I expected.

Somali cat annoyed with party mess

Why is the talent expected to help with clean up anyway?

Somali cat looking innocent amongst party wreckage

Besides, would this face cause any trouble? So can I get out of helping?

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The Party Got Out of Hand at Club Meow

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