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Something Under the Tree for Me!

December 26, 2022

On Christmas, Summer finds something under the tree for her.

I don’t usually get presents on Christmas because I get them all year round! My human is always bringing home something new for me to wear, or taste, or play with… although the latter is usually a fail. But this year there was something under the tree for me!

Somali cat with her head in a Christmas gift bag

I couldn’t wait to see what was in the gift bag!

Somali cat with cat tread gifts

It was a package of cat treats! The same treats that were part of my giveaway package. (Congrats to Gina P. who won this year!) And there was more!

Somali cat happy about dress as gift

There was also a new dress for me! I see a modeling video in my immediate future.

Somali cat with her Christmas gifts

What a nice Christmas this was! Happy holidays to everyone!

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Something Under the Tree for Me!

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