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Shih-Tzu Dog Health Problem

July 22, 2022

Shih-tzu is a special breed that is revered for its size and luxurious coat. As these dogs are small the health problems like heart diseases, joint problems are less. In general the livability of these dogs is more when compared to the large dogs as the role of growth hormones are less. The quantity of the growth hormone and the livability are inversely related as per recent research. Shih -Tzu dog health problems and the breed characters are discussed here.

The breed characteristics

If you look at the attitude of the shih-Tzu dog, it will be alert, lively, proud and stubborn. The dog is small size but sturdy and compact. The coat will be luxurious and the head will be held upright. The step will be jaunty and the tail will be curved backwards. The average height will be not more than 11 inches and the average weight will be around 16 pounds and not more.

The head of the dog will be broad and round. The gap between the eyes will be wide. The eyes are round and dark. The ears are normal but heavily feathered. The muzzle is wrinkle free, short and square. The lips and the chins are positioned in such a way they neither protrude or pulled in. the jaws are strong and the overlapping of the incisors of the lower jaw over the incisors of the upper jaw can be noticed.

The body of the dog is longer than the height. The legs are straight and well muscled. The feet are well padded and strong ad firm. The luxurious double coat is the one that makes the breed very special. The well groomed coat of the will just look marvelous. The hair on the body can be seen brushing the floor. The hairs of the shih-Tzu are trimmed to prevent the hair from touching the floor which will spoil the look of the animal. These dogs are so small that they can be carried in the owner's arm. In general these dogs are made to sit on satin or silver to protect the look of the coat of the animal.

Health problems

In general these dogs are healthy but Shih-tzu dog health problem includes slipper stifles or kneecaps and renal dysplasia. The eyes are prone for injury as they are highly protruding. The wheezing problems are common as the muzzle is short.

Maintaining the coat is very important as far as shih-Tzu dogs are concerned. If the coat is groomed well, the chances of skin problem is less. In case the dogs are not groomed properly, skin infections, maggot infestation, hot spots, tangles and even painful mats can develop.

The pet owner must remember one thing that if he/she could not allot time for grooming the hair and coat of the shih-Tzu, he/she can very well go for other breed. By maintaining the coat, the shih-Tzu dog health problems can be minimized.


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