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Random Funny Photos - Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

January 22, 2023

This week's funny cat photos from Summer are pretty random - but still hilarious!

Sometimes the outtakes from the week’s photo sessions will have a running theme. This week there is none. They’re just a bunch of random funny photos. They certainly made my human laugh!

Somali cat biting on a piece of packaged toast

When my human had me pose with people food, there was one item that captured my interest over the others. Yes, it was this packaged toast from Trader Joe’s. It only figures she came home with deli turkey after we did the photo session.

Somali cat in lion tote bag, looking down

Yes, I really was wondering what I was doing up there.

Somali cat wearing a knit hat

How comfortable were those knit hats really? Well, a couple I was glad to have removed, or I tried taking off myself. Others, like this pink one, stayed on my head for quite a while. I even walked off the set wearing it a couple of times in my endless search for the treat bag.

Somali cat by new fence, looking awkward

While a lot of the photos my human took by the new fence came out really nice, a few were just plain awkward. Like this one. In addition, my human’s bad framing gave me an unintentional ear tip.

Somali cat standing on hind legs with a blep

And lucky you, I’m ending with a tiny tongue shot!

I hope you enjoyed these random pics. If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

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Random Funny Photos

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