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Pre-Rain Outing in My Faux Leopard Coat

January 10, 2023

Heavy rain was forecast for the week ahead, so Summer's human takes her outside in her faux leopard coat for a pre-rain outing.

We are having a cold, wet winter here in Southern California. And while all the rain is needed here, it really limits my ability to go out. Since it was dry this weekend, and only a little cold, my human took me out front for a little while. I got to wear my faux leopard coat for a few photos.

Somali cat posing in her faux leopard coat

I don’t get to wear it very often because it’s a little too fancy to just wear around the yard. Plus it is a little bit small for me.

Somali cat in faux fur coat, bird watching

Of course, I didn’t just sit around and pose while I was outside. I also did some bird watching.

Somali cat model with a side light

Because it was gray out, and the light was flat, my human brought out one of the portable lights to give me an extra pop maybe just a little sparkle.

Somali cat with paw raised

I hope she doesn’t plan on giving away all her photo secrets! Not that she has many. Anyhow, it’s mostly rainy this week, so I’ll be indoors for a while.

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Pre-Rain Outing in My Faux Leopard Coat

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