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Poodle Found Two Weeks After Escaping On A Family Trip

December 27, 2022

Colorado Dog Found After Two Weeks On The Loose In Nebraska
Image from Stephen Weak via Omaha World-Herald

Thanks to a Facebook group of animal lovers, a Colorado family was able to reunite with their poodle after it ran away during a Thanksgiving visit to Nebraska. 

When his family’s dog, Snowflake, ran away during a Thanksgiving trip to Omaha, Denver resident Stephen Weak said they turned to the Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook page for help. The Facebook group was started in February 2014 by Cathy Eaton, who said that members looked for the lost Snowflake on foot and with drones.

Volunteer Lisa Thurber set a trap to catch the puppy after it was spotted last week in a forested area in the La Vista neighborhood. Snowflake was finally captured on December 10.

“She was tired, lost a few pounds and had a little frostbite,” the lost pets group said on its website.

When Snowflake was discovered, Weak and his daughter were already on their way back to Omaha to help with the search, so they were able to meet up right away at the Papillion Animal Hospital.

Weak told the Omaha World Herald, “We were really happy. We had kind of given up.” 

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