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Pomeranian Dog Health Problem

July 25, 2022

Pomeranian is the breed name of dogs that are tiny and fluffy. These will have wedge shaped head and erected ear that are pointed. Some dogs will have fox like face and some other dogs will have beautiful baby doll face. All the dogs will have dark almond shaped eyes that are bright. The nose will be dark or will take the color of the coat. The tooth is sharp and thin. The dogs will have attractive short but hairy tail. The hairs in the tail are running forward over the back. The height of the dog cannot be more than 12 inches [average height 7-12 inches] and the weight cannot be more than 1.3 kilograms. Let us discuss about the Pomeranian dog health problem here.

Some blood lines of Pomeranian breed of dogs are prone for slipped stifle and dislocated patella. Patella is the small round bone at the knee joint. The dislocation of the patella will hamper the walking ability of the animal. Slipped stifle joint also affects the mobility of the animal. These two problems cause serious impediment to the agile nature of the Pomeranian dogs.

The Pomeranians are highly susceptible for early loss of teeth. In order prevent this feeding of dry food stuff is advised by the veterinarians which will make the gum and teeth strong. This practice will at least postpone the fall of teeth if not prevent it completely. One should remember that the teeth of the Pomeranians are kept clean always. Otherwise the organisms that set in the cavities will bring about the tooth decay faster.

The female poms are small hence require surgery to take the pup out of the pregnant Pomeranian. The new born pups also will be so small; three pups can be placed comfortably in the palm of a man. As the size of the pup is small they need to be cared with little bit extra effort till they become three months old.

Other than these specific problems Pomeranians are prone for all the other common disease like rabies, parvo viral infection, canine distemper , parasitic infestation , food allergy, skin diseases etc. the Pomeranians needs to bathed as and when required as hairs over the body are long and thick. Use the shampoo whenever necessary.

The ears and eyes must clean on daily basis. Take the dog for regular heath check ups. The Pomeranians love to walk, hence take them for daily walk. By following the above suggestions Pomeranian dog heath problems can be kept at bay.


Breed - the animals [dogs] with particular, specific characters.

Rabies - disease of dogs that cannot be cured but can be prevented by vaccination.


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