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Our New (Free) Fence!

January 21, 2023

Summer's human gets a new fence, for free, in a prime photo taking spot.

I can’t wait to show you the new upgrade to my house!

Somali cat looking at freshly installed fence

Isn’t this brand new fence really cool? And best of all, it didn’t cost my human anything!

Somali cat in foreground, new fence in background

That’s because technically it’s not our fence at all. When our neighbors to the south moved out, the property was purchased by renovators who have been doing nice things to respectfully upgrade the vintage house. One thing they did was to install this wood fence. And even though it is on their side of the property line, the crew finished the fence on both sides as a courtesy. They just finished the fence this week. The house will take another month or two.

Somali cat posing with fence and greenery in background

The sun was out today, so my human took me around the side for some photos, and I think it makes an awesome background for me!

Somali cat on hind legs in front of new fence

I’m sure we’ll be doing lots of photo sessions up here in the spring!

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