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New Year, Same Pet Shop

January 4, 2023

It's the new year, but Summer visits the same pet shop she's been visiting all along.

One of the first things I got to do in the new year was go on a shopping trip!

Somali cat sniffing a catnip toy

It was just the one near our house, but that’s okay because it’s also the one with the cool toy section. This time I went for the catnip carrots instead of the Barnyarn Buddies.

Somai cat checking out catnip toy

These toys are pretty awesome too.

Somali cat rubbing on display shelving at pet shop

Of course I had to rub on lots of things so any dogs that come in know I’ve been here.

Somali cat at pet shop, looking out glass doors

It’s always fun to look out the windows.

Somali cat looking up at pet shop customer

Unfortunately the customers weren’t as friendly as they are sometimes. I didn’t get as much attention as I would have liked.

Somali cat enjoying a cod stick on the pet shop counter

One really fun thing was I jumped up on the counter all by myself! While my human was paying for our stuff, I browsed through the awesome smelling things they had up there.

Somali cat on the counter of pet shop

All too soon it was time to go home.

Somali cat in passenger seat of car

Best of all, I got to sit in the passenger seat on the way home, since it was only a few blocks on residential streets. Because it was cold, my human even turned on the seat warmer for me! So I had a great shopping day.

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New Year, Same Pet Shop

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