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New Year, New Photo Flubs

January 8, 2023

Summer shares some new photo flubs, her first for the new year.

New year, new outtakes! And I have some good ones for you.

Dour looking Somali cat in a new year's eve outfit

I definitely don’t look “Ready to Party” in this photo!

Somali cat outside in a sweater, with her eyes shut

My human snapped the photo just when I blinked.

Somali cat in pet shop, shaking her head wildly

And here, my human got that weird effect on her iPhone again! I’m beginning to think she is doing it on purpose.

therapy cat in front of christmas display with crooked necktie

After my therapy cat visit at the big hospital, my human noticed this huge Christmas tree was still up, and saw it as a photo opportunity. What she didn’t see was that my necktie was totally crooked! Maybe that’s why I looked so dour.

So there you have this week’s photo flubs! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

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New Year, New Photo Flubs

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