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My Festive December 2022 Short Video Compilation

January 1, 2023

Summer ends 2022 with a festive compilation of her December short videos.

I had so many festive and funny videos in December! Plus my Portland cat show adventure too. So I’m opening the new year with this compilation of my favorites.

Somali cat dressed up in reindeer sweater

I had lots of holiday outfits to model. Since I enjoy my dress up days (you can hear me purring in many of these videos), that was fun!

Somali cat opening presents on Christmas morning

And lots of good times, and a few surprises, especially if you don’t follow me on Instagram or TikTok! The videos are divided into chapters so you can flip around and check out the ones you missed! It works even better if you watch the video on YouTube. And if you do visit me there, please drop me a Like! I really appreciate it. Meanwhile, enjoy!

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