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My 2024 New Year's Photo Session... 362 Days Early

January 3, 2023

It's time for 2024... at least, for a photo session! Summer is ringing in next year by modeling some New Year's Eve outfits VERY early.

Even though we just started 2023, my human thought this would be the perfect time to think about New Year’s Eve cards for 2024! In fact, when she was at Party City and found my Club Meow dress, she saw all sorts of New Year’s things for me to wear for cards in my Zazzle shop. Let’s not talk about how much she spent. So I am modeling these items for you today. Some worked out okay, others, um, not so much.

Somali cat wearing a New Year's hat and party bandana

I don’t usually wear bandanas, but she thought the sentiment would be greeting card-worthy. And the hat was pretty straightforward.

Somali cat wearing a sparkly party hat

This was kind of a strange hat. I will say, I didn’t have a problem wearing it.

Somali cat very annoyed with a party hat

This party hat, however, was a 100% fail. Thankfully, I only had to wear it for about a minute for my human to figure that out. I suppose she could replace the chin strap to make it more comfortable, but I kind of hope she just forgets about it.

Somali cat wearing a New Year's Eve party dress

Here I am back in my cute party dress! I really love this dress, and my human was amazed they were selling pet dresses at Party City. She crossed her fingers it was going to fit since you can’t return New Year’s Eve party stuff. But it was perfect.

Somali cat wearing a party dress and New Year's Eve hat

As you probably guessed, this New Year’s Eve hat is really a fascinator that humans usually clip to their hairdos. They happen to make perfectly sized hats for me. The hardest part for photos is making sure the words show.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these different New Year’s Eve looks! If you have a favorite (other than the dress and fascinator, which are total wins), tell me in the comments.

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My 2024 New Year\'s Photo Session... 362 Days Early

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