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Health Problem in Older Dog

July 28, 2022

As the age advances the parts and the systems of the body of the human being gradually loses their efficiency. This physiological phenomenon holds good for all the animals including the dog. The older dogs are more prone for diseases due to their depleted immune system. Hence health problems in older dogs are more. Let us discuss about some of them here.

Denture of the older dog

The health of the dogs depends very much on the food that takes. For proper eating the structure and the strength of the teeth is must. The best thing to do is brush the teeth of the older dog once a day at least. This will remove the germs attached to the teeth, there by preventing the tooth decay. Alternatively one can buy various toys that are available in the pet shops that can be purchased and placed in front of the dogs. Chewing these toys the dogs will clean the teeth as well as impart strength to the gums and cheek

Tumors in old dog

As discussed above the immune system in the older dogs will not at its prime. Hence more disease problems are likely. The tumors are one such problem. The diagnosis of the tumor in the dog will certainly frighten the dog owner but he should remember if the treatment is started early most of the tumors could be cured completely. The Benin tumors can be removed by surgery, as there won't be any relapse.

Reproductive system of older dog

In case of female older the irregular periods are common. In addition to that there can be inflammation and infection of the uterus. This can be diagnosed by the foul smelling discharge from the vulva of the old female dog. In case old male dog the prostrate enlargement is very common. The prostrate can be located near the anus. This enlargement can be due to cancer. The affected dog will have difficulty in urination and defecation. One can notice bloodstains in the urine and feces. It is better to get the help of the veterinarian at once.

Urinary system of the old dog

The kidney is the filter of the body. In the older dog due to over load the filtration system generally becomes weak. There are numerous causes for the renal failure like senility. One may not notice the symptoms when the dogs are young and healthy. The symptoms may start showing its appearance once the dog becomes old. The dogs affected will experience pain while urination, as the result there will be frequent urination. At time blood in the urine can be noticed. As soon as the symptoms are notice the veterinarian should be contacted as early as possible.

Like the few problems discussed above, health problems in older dog are more, hence the owners of the older dog must provide extra care for them which includes frequent general check up at pet clinic.


Tumors - the excess growth of a particular part of the body.

Immune system - System in the body of the animals and human being that fights about the infection.


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