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Health Problem in Large Dogs

July 28, 2022

There are so many breeds of dog. Some breeds are small like Pomeranian, some breeds are medium sized and some other breeds are large sized. The people have their own preference about the size of the dog. Some person likes to have small sized dogs while other prefer to have large dogs. Like all other dogs the health problems of the large dogs are one and the same. Let us discuss about the breeds, diseases of the large dogs here.

Breeds of large dogs

Below mentioned are the names of the few breeds of dog, which are larger in size. They are Afghan hound, bloodhound, boxer, English foxhound, English setteter, Doberman pinscher, curly coated retriever, Bernese mountain dog, and black and tan coonhound.

The diseases of large dogs

The diseases of the dogs are so many and the list is ever burgeoning. Here are to name a few. Food allergy, skin allergy, arthritis, asthma, ticks, mites, parvo, canine distemper, rabies and diarrhea. Let us discuss about the most common health problem diarrhea here.


This is condition in which the dog will pass loose stools at frequent interval.


There are numerous causes for diarrhea. Infection with bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites can lead to diarrhea. Change in diet, over eating, indigestion, and eating oily foods also can result in diarrhea. At times the drugs given for some other reasons and even stress can lead to diarrhea.

Whatever may be the causes of the diarrhea, the pet owner must aim at giving rest to the intestine for not more than twenty four hours so that the intestine may recover and return to normalcy. But in the mean time sugar solution and electrolytes must be administered through intravenous route. The withholding of the food should never be more than 24 hours unless advised by the veterinarian.


The general treatment is to stop food for twenty four hours and give the required electrolyte and energy through blood. After 24 hours the non spicy easily digestible oil free food must be given to the in small quantities.

The same food must be continued for few more days and the dog should be brought back to the normal diet gradually. In case the cause of diarrhea is infection then antibiotic treatment must be given to the dog for three to five days. Gut acting antibiotics are preferred.

Health problems of the larger dogs like arthritis are more common. Arthritis is noticed more in larger dog than the medium sized or small sized dogs, as the weight of the larger dogs is the predisposing factor. Hence by proper caring the health problems of the older dogs can be minimized.


Arthritis - it is disease condition that affects the joints in the body like knee, hip etc.

Bacteria - A microorganism causing disease.


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