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Getting Ready for the Year's Biggest Cat Show

January 27, 2023

Summer is preparing for the year's biggest cat show on the West Coast, in Del Mar, California. It's her first time back since 2020.

I’m getting ready for the year’s biggest cat show on the West Coast! It’s in Del Mar, near San Diego, and this is the first time they’ve put it on since 2020. I’m very excited.

Somali cat breed booth from 2020 cat show in Del Mar

Here is a photo of me from the 2020 show, at the Somali breed booth. My human still has all the materials, and she’s in charge of bringing them and setting up the booth again this year. I’ll be helping her.

Somali cat wearing a pink puffy jacket

The exhibition hall where the show is can be really cold, especially in the mornings, so I’ll be bringing my warm clothes, like my pink puffy jacket.

Somali cat wearing a pink hoodie

Also a hoodie or two.

Somali cat in a pink boa and sunglasses

But don’t worry, I’ll bring some of my glam things! Plus, Valentine’s Day is coming up so I’ll have a Valentine’s outfit to wear.

I know a lot of my social media pals are in the area and will be down to visit, so I’m really looking forward to it!

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Getting Ready for the Year\'s Biggest Cat Show

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