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Funny Holiday Outtakes - Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

December 30, 2022

Summer shares some of her funniest outtakes from holiday photo sessions.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, the holidays have preempted my outtakes! But I do have a lot of them piled up and I wanted to share them with you before 2023. So here they are.

Somali cat in reindeer sweater, with tongue out

If Santa had seen this face, I would definitely have been grounded for the season.

Somali cat with reindeer hoodie falling off, and ear bent inside out

Have you ever tried keeping your antlers on when your ear turned inside out? Me neither.

Somali cat grabbing for treat during photo session

I don’t know why my human always takes photos of me grabbing for treats. I look desperate!

Somali cat in a box making a funny face

I was a lot more playful than I look in this photo, honest!

Somali cat making a funny face by a christmas tree

It seems like I can’t even be near treats without making some sort of crazy face!

Somali cat in box, from behind.

And that’s the end of the outtakes, and almost the end of 2022!

I hope these made you smile. If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

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Funny Holiday Outtakes

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