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English Bull Dog Health Problem

July 22, 2022

English bull dog is medium sized animal having smooth coat. The body is heavy but set low. The limbs of the dog will be sturdy and the shoulders will be wide. The head will be massive but short. The look of the dog will suggest that the animal great strength and vigor. The disposition of the dog will be courageous but kind. Let us discuss about these lovely English bull dog health problems here.

The normal life span of these dogs is eight to ten years. Very few dogs may go on living up to twelve years. Like all other breeds of dogs these English bull dog also have so many health problems. But buy proper feeding and health care many health problems can be averted.

English bull dog likes to eat in the vessel that has flat bottom and straight sides. It is better to use stainless steel vessel for feeding the dog as these vessels can be sterilized with ease thus making the food served free from contamination. Besides that the steel vessel will last longer. These animals tend to develop pimples if any other type of bowls is used. The plastic vessel should never be used for either feeding or drinking as far as bull dogs are concerned.

The puppies need to be cared well. The two to four month old puppies must be fed four times a day. The kibbles are offered for the puppies. So many good brands of kibble are available in the market which can be purchased and given to these puppies. For puppies the kibble is mixed with warm water to make it soft. Some breeders mix yogurt and cheese with the kibble. These kibbles not only make the coat of the dog shiny and healthy but also give the dog round but not obese appearance.

There are many popular brands of kibble like nutro, eukanuba, lam's, Purina chow for puppy etc. One should never give the bull dog puppy the kibble that contain soybeans. Feeding schedule can be as per your convenient. You can keep the feed available for the dog all the time or you can feed the animal on set timings, either way the dog has no problem and the growth and health remains the same.

If the puppy is active, [in the form of running around the garden or giving company to your morning walk] provide food as much as he eats. If you notice that the puppy is turning obese then you can go for restricted feeding. But never provide restricted feeding for an active and growing puppy unless otherwise advised by the veterinarian for some specific reason. As the dog grows older you can reduce the number of feeding but keep providing the quantity of food that dog eats.

As food is the think that is responsible for the health of the animal, if we provide nutritious, healthy contamination free food we can build effective immune system in the body of the animal thus protecting English bull dog from health problems.


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