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July 31, 2022

Dog vaccinations are the only way for the prevention of the deadly dangerous diseases from attacking the beloved pets, the dogs. The vaccination is so important because once the virus establishes the infection; there is no way that it can be killed or removed from the body of the animal. In general, the puppy must receive the first vaccine not before 6 to 8 weeks of weeks of age and there after the boosters vaccines can be given as per the requirement of the disease and the advice of the veterinarian.

Vaccine types

There are so many types of vaccine. Let use discuss about few of them one by one.

Rabies vaccine

This vaccine is the most important vaccine as rabies can also be transmitted to the human being through infected dog's bite. The rabies vaccine is given to the dog when they are 12 to 16 weeks of age. Then booster vaccine must be given after one year, there after the vaccine has to be repeated once in two years.

Combined vaccine for distemper

Combined vaccine for distemper is available in the market. This combined vaccine can protect the dog from corona virus infection, parvovirus infection, and adeno virus infection, in addition to canine distemper virus infection. The first vaccine must be administered at 8 weeks of age and should be repeated once in every four weeks till the dog reaches 16 weeks.

Canine distemper

This is a contagious viral disease of dog. The respiratory and the nervous systems are affected. The dog will have coughing, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and seizures. The dog will eventually die if supportive therapy is not provided.

Canine parvo infection

This is yet another contagious viral disease of the dogs. The dogs of all age group are susceptible but the puppies are more susceptible. The dog will be found to have vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, anorexia, and excessive thirst. The parvo viral infection if combined with corona viral infection, the symptoms will more severe and the dog will die if not cared properly.

Canine adeno viral and Para influenza infection

This is the other contagious viral infection of the dog, which affects the respiratory system. The dogs will have dry cough and severe pneumonia, which will lead to the death of dog. The puppies are more vulnerable.

Bordetella vaccine

Bordetella virus lead to a condition called kennel cough. The dogs that are exposed to other dogs often, [training class, dog show etc] must be vaccinated with bordetella vaccine. After the first vaccine [any time after 6 weeks], the vaccine has to be repeated once in every year.

We had just discussed about few dog vaccines. It is imperative that these vaccines are administered to the dogs in order to provide them disease [viral] free life.


Booster vaccine - repeating the same vaccine for the second time.

Seizures - involuntary movement of parts of the body of the animal.


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