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Dog Owner Mauled After Fighting Off Dogs That Attacked His Labrador

January 12, 2023

A brave dog owner sustained severe bite sounds after protecting his dog from two other dogs being walked by a woman.

At around 11 o’clock in the evening, Joe Chan, 40, was walking his Labrador, Momo, on Lakeview Avenue in Rowville, in the eastern part of Melbourne, when two dogs walking ahead turned and attacked his dog. 

Chan placed his own life on the line by freeing Momo from one of the dog’s jaws. After being pulled to the ground, Chan was bitten seven times. He was then left to call for help and neighbors stepped in and called an ambulance for him. According to Chan, the owner of the two dogs passed out during the encounter, got up, and then left without saying anything to him.

The encounter resulted in Momo receiving six bites. Chan required two nights in the hospital due to the severe injuries he encountered. Fortunately, his dog survived but is left with physical and mental scars.

He said, ‘I’m scared he would die, he’s my family.’

‘That dog tried to attack my dog (on the neck), so my dog may die.’

Mr. Chan wants the woman to apologize to him for the incident but is not demanding that the animals be put down.

‘I hope that woman can come out and say sorry,’ he said.

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