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July 31, 2022

Dog health and the skin problems are the two major challenges that are faced by the pet owner's worldwide. Skin problems of the dogs lead to itching and scratching. This itching will lead to scratching which will make the pet owners to go mad. The very sight seeing the dog scratching itself if irritating the owners, then one can imagine the ordeal the dog must be undergoing. The other name of itching is pruritis. The susceptibly to skin diseases vary from dog to dog.

Environmental dermatitis

The dogs that have this problem are nutritionally and physically normal, yet pruritus, skin irritation and hair loss are noticed. By discussing with the pet owner about the diet, activity, medication etc of the dog the veterinarian will rule out the other form of dermatitis. From the history taking the veterinarian will find out that the loves to play in the swimming pool, likes to dig holes in the mud and prefers to romp in the field.

These dogs due to their habit accumulate dirt and water in the body. The bacteria will grow and reproduce well in this situation and will be ready to set up the infection. The dogs with thick coat and dense hair are more prone for this bacterial reproduction. Any small wound in the skin like blade cut can trigger the infection. Moist eczema popularly known as the hot spot is the most common form of environmental dermatitis. In some dogs the contact with the plastic also lead to environmental dermatitis

Nutritional dermatitis

Dermatitis may also result from poor nutrition. There is no doubt that the pet owners will not feed the animal the food that is not balanced, knowingly. But the owners in the pursuit of less cost feed may buy some substandard brand of pet food and offer it to the dog. In such cases the dogs will be under constant stress which will lead to conditions like dermatitis.

Hence it is the duty of the pet owner to provide the balanced food to the dog to prevent it from nutritional dermatitis. Read the ingredients of the pet food before buying the product. If one notices the presence of lamb, poultry, fish and/or beef, then the chances of nutritional dermatitis is less. Supplements do help; hence provide supplements such as vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids.

In both cases of dermatitis, if the animals are treated with antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medications along with the elimination of the triggering factor, the condition can be cured. Dog health and skin problems, if tackled before the condition worsens, is highly appreciated.


Dermatitis - inflammation of dermis

Dermis - is the layer of the skin


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