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July 29, 2022

Dog health and its paw problems should be cared properly by the dog owners. More and more people are going for dogs as a pet animal as these animals are lovely by the look and are very affectionate with the owners. These dogs earn the family member status in most of the houses because of their behavior. Let us discuss about the dog health and paw problems of the dog here.

Dog health

Heath of the dog is very important as like the human being the dogs are also susceptible to various, bacterial diseases, viral diseases, parasitic infestation , fungal infection , food allergy, skin allergy etc. the environment in which the dog is kept places a major role in dogs health problem . hence the dogs if they are kept in clean environment, given nutritious , hygienic food, vaccinated against all possible viral diseases and taken to pet clinic for regular health check-up, there can be hardly any health problem for the dog.

The paws, the different types of the paws and its problems

The paws of the dogs can be compared to the sole of the foot of the human beings. The paws of the dogs are the same basically in all aspects in all the breeds of the dogs. There slight difference in some dogs. In dogs the third digital bone is much shorter; hence they are also called as cat feet. The breeds like Doberman, Akita, Finnish spitz, new found land, giant schnauzer, bull terrier, Airedale terrier, kees hound, and English sheep dog are the examples of breeds with cat like feet. This kind of feet helps the dog in many ways. The dog requires very less energy to lift the feet. The dogs can move faster. The dog's remains energetic as less energy is spent as the feet are compact.

Some dogs are having hare feet. Here the center toes are longer than the side toes. The breeds that are having hare feet are also called are toy breeds. They are Bedlington terrier, Samoyed, Skye terrier, grey hound and borzoi.

The main purpose of the paw of the dog is to absorb the shock while jumping and running. The paw also gives flexibility in the movement. These paws bear the weight of the animal while the animal is on the move. The structural faults like straight shoulders, loose shoulders and hips, and imbalance between the front and back structure can affect the paw of the dogs. Hence these structural abnormalities need to be corrected in order to protect the paw.

The paws are likely to be damaged more as these parts are constantly in touch with the floor. The paws need to be checked for any wound at periodic interval. In case if there is any, it should be treated at once, otherwise the organisms can gain entry in to the body thus establishing serious infection.

Hence by taking care of the dog as a member of the family, the dog health and its paw problems can be protected.


Bacteria - microorganism that causes disease

Vaccination - medication given to the healthy dog to prevent the disease.


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