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July 29, 2022

Dogs are lovely animals and are liked by one and all because of their beauty, affection, diligence in duty etc. it is the duty of the pet owner to keep the dogs in their prime health. The disease problems and the health problems are so many .let us try to look in to the dog eye health problems that are common here.


Conjunctivitis is nothing but the inflammatory condition of mucous membrane of the eye. This dog eye health problem will have severe reddening of the eye and there will be swelling of the mucus membrane. The reddening of the eye is due the increased amount of blood. The viruses, bacteria, parasites and certain allergic reactions can cause conjunctivitis.

There dog will experience sever itching in case of conjunctivitis. Eliminating the possible causes of conjunctivitis and maintaining the eye clean by periodical washing in clean water is the only way to prevent the conjunctivitis. As a treatment antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs can be tried.

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca

This dog eye health problem is due to insufficient moisture in the tear film. There will be thick mucous discharge from the eye of the affected animal. Infiltrated blood vessels, hardness and pigmentation of the corneal; layer of the eye in chronic cases. Administration of the stimulants and anti-inflammatory drugs [to reduce the inflammation] is the best treatment option.

Chronic superficial keratitis

The other name of this condition is degenerative pannus. This dog eye health problem primarily noticed in German shepherd breed of dog. This condition can also be noticed in other breeds but the incidence is very rare. This condition leads to pigmentation and superficial blood vessel infiltration in the eye. This condition in general is not painful. But this condition if not treated as there was no pain, will affect the vision of the dog in the long run.

Cherry eye and inflammation of the eye lids

The inflammation of the eye can be brought about by parasite, virus, bacteria, parasite, dermatitis, fungus, neoplasia, damage due to sun, trauma, metabolic disease, etc. the treatment for this condition varies depending on the cause of the disease. Cherry eye is nothing but prolapse of the third eyelid gland. The breeds like beagles, Pekingese, bulldogs, and cocker spaniels are more prone for this condition. The young dogs are more susceptible. The only treatment option available for the cherry eye is surgical removal of the gland involved.

The dog eye health is very important as maintaining the blind dog or dog with partial impairment of vision is big ordeal for the pet owners.


Antibiotic - the drugs that kills bacteria

Anti-inflammatory drugs - drugs that reduce the swelling.


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