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Choosing The Right Time To Switch To Senior Dog Food

August 13, 2022

You may not consider your dog to be an old dog because he doesn't look or act like one. However, your dog's dietary needs will start changing around seven years of age or earlier if they're a large breed. Switching to a senior dog diet is a good idea at this point.

Does Senior Dog Food Really Matter?  

As dogs age, their bodies change in a number of ways. Compared to their younger counterparts, older dogs are less physically active and move more slowly. Their body mass also tends to decline along with their mobility. 

According to Just Right expert Dr. Taylor Francis, dogs can start showing signs of cognitive decline around the age of 8 years. It is also possible that their senses, such as taste and smell, will be affected.  

These reasons are why specialized nutrition can benefit senior dogs.

What Should Senior Dogs Eat?

Dogs with old age can benefit from quality food formulated for them. When shopping for senior dog food, keep these things in mind:  

  • Lean muscle mass can be maintained with higher levels of protein in their food (compared to regular adult food) 
  • For dogs who are becoming less active, reduce fat levels to maintain a healthy weight
  • For joint health and mobility, omega fatty acids and glucosamine are essential
  • Supporting the immune system with antioxidants 
  • The use of enhanced botanical oils, such as coconut oil, can improve mental sharpness 
  • Healthy eating is more enjoyable when it tastes great 

Senior Dog Vitamins

In some senior dog foods, supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin are added to support joint health.  

To make sure you're making the right choice for the health of your senior dog, speak to your veterinarian first before purchasing any supplements for senior dogs.  

Which Is the Best Senior Dog Food? 

When it comes down to it, there isn't a single "best" diet for seniors. "Senior dog food" is not standardized by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), according to Just Right expert Dr. Taylor Francis. 

For your senior dog, the best food will be one that offers the right nutrition in order to live a healthy, happy life. Taste and texture are equally important in ensuring they get the enjoyment they deserve from every meal.  

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