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Bulldog Health Problems

July 22, 2022

Bulls are national dogs of England. These dogs were bred as fighting dogs of yore. Of late these dogs are trained and used as guard dog. These bulldogs are powerfully built animals and are aware of their strength and use them when it is necessary. These dogs will love to play with children and get involved in the game totally. Let us discuss here about the bulldog health problems.

The muzzle of the bulldog is delicately shaped that these dogs cannot breathe perfectly. The pet owner must keep this in mind and never indulge these dogs in over exercise. Extra care needs to be provided for these dogs at puppy stage and when the climate is hot and muggy. Subjecting these dogs for brisk walk is more than enough.

These dogs tend to become lazy and easily become overweight. In order to avoid this, keep the animal busy as much as possible like allowing the dog to play with children, taking while you go for morning walk.

It is better to keep the dog in tether, as these dogs loves fighting with other dogs, in that melee, they may get injured. These dogs do not need special care for grooming, once in a bathing will suffice. The males will weigh nearly 25 kilos and the females will weigh 22-23 kilos, usually two to three kilos less than the males.

Like all other diseases the canine distemper affects bull dog breed also. This is a highly contagious disease caused by paramyxovirus. This disease can affect the bull dogs at any age. The virus enters by direct contact and through inhalation. The virus thus entered the respiratory tract multiplies in the bronchi and tonsils.

The incubation period for the virus is for four to eight days. There won't be any symptoms during this period. The fever [40 degree Celsius], yellow discharge from the eyes and nostrils and pustules in the region of abdomen can be noticed once the incubation period is over. The animal will have these symptoms for three to four days and enter in to the clinical stage.

Here in addition to the fever and discharge the dog will have diarrhea, inflamed mucous membrane, and tracheobronchitis. Rhinitis, bronchial pneumonia, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and vomition may develop soon. Some animals will show nervous signs such as convulsion, paralysis; coordination problems and involuntary muscle contractions etc. Since this disease is of viral origin, immunizing the dog against the dog is the best solution.

Bulldog health problems are many like the one mentioned and discussed above. By proper care, nutrition and immunization the bulldog health problems can be minimized.


Conjunctivitis - inflammation of conjunctiva of the eye.

Incubation period - the period of settlement of infective organism in the body of the animal.


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