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Bull Dog English Health Problem

July 20, 2022

General characteristics of the bull dog English

Bull dogs are medium sized animals with heavily built shoulders and strong limbs. The body of the dog will be heavy and thick and low. The coat of the dog will be very smooth. The dog by its look will appear strong and stable. The dog will have courageous but kind disposition and will not look aggressive or vicious. The dog will certainly have dignified demeanor. Let us know about the bull dog English health problems here.

Just like all other dogs the disease problems are more in this breed of dog also. Most of the diseases are common to all breeds of the dog. The dog can get bacterial infection, viral infection, worm infestation, tumors, diabetes etc. lets know about the deadly dangerous disease called rabies, which is of zonotic importance here.


Rabies is not the disease that affect dogs but also the human beings. This is viral disease which ends in death of the dog or human being if infected. Rabies virus [rhabdo viridae] affects the nerves and brain of the animal. The main source of infection is infected foxes, skunks, raccoons and coyotes. The virus gets entry in to the body of the animal through direct bite and the virus can enter the body through broken skin also.

The most common sign of infection is the change in behavior of the dog. Otherwise docile animal will be violet all of a sudden. Usually the animal will start showing the visible sign only after two to six months of infection. When the signs are noticed one can be very sure that the dog will die within ten days. The disease and the symptoms are not at all curable.

The moment you notice the change in the behavior of the animal, you need to isolate the animal and keep it away from the contact of human beings and other animals. This is to prevent the disease from spreading as the ferocious dog will bite the other animal thus transmitting the disease. The change in behavior is the indication that the infection has reached the brain. Further to that you need to call the veterinarian for the confirmation of the disease. As per law the rabies infection must be informed to the health officials in the interest of the public.

Though the disease is not curable, giving vaccines to the dog when they are small can prevent Rabies. There are so many commercial vaccines are available in the market and all of them are very effective. Hence by giving the rabies vaccine you can protect the bull dog English health problems like rabies and many other viral infections.


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