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Building My New Target Scratcher House (Video!)

January 23, 2023

Summer's human gets a new scratcher house from Target, and Summer supervises its assembly, on video.

What a nice surprise! My human came home from Target the other day, and she picked up this new cat scratcher house while she was there. She always looks in the pet section, even though she knows she shouldn’t, because there’s always something she winds up getting. Anyhow, I helped her put it together.

Somali cat in opening of partly built scratcher house

I made sure I was there during the whole process.

Somali cat coming out of new scratcher house, shot from above

Since it’s my scratcher, it was really important for me to conduct periodic examinations. To make sure it was up to code, of course.

Somali cat sitting next to finished scratcher house

It was actually pretty easy to put together, but I still know it would have been really difficult for my human if I hadn’t been there to help! You can see my supervision in the short video below.

You can find this scratcher house here. And Target actually has lots of fun cat scratchers, which you can browse through here https://goto.target.com/O2JgN

Note: we are Target affiliates, and if you make a purchase through these links, we may possibly get a small commission. (I don’t think they pay commission on pet supplies, but they do on a lot of other items!) Thank you for your support!

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Building My New Target Scratcher House (Video!)

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