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Boxer Dog Excretory System Health Problem

July 25, 2022

Boxer is a breed of dog. The dogs are medium sized and have a shorthair. The dogs will have brown color coat and the muzzle is short but square shaped. This breed is native of Germany. Boxer dogs and excretory system health problems is common as these dogs are prone for congenital renal diseases and juvenile renal diseases.

The renal displasia is one of the common congenital renal diseases noticed in the boxer dog. In some breeds the age of onset of symptoms is few weeks from the date of birth. In some other breeds the onset of the symptoms is between 5 to 11 years. The renal displasia may be due to x linked gene or autosomal dominant gene or auto somal recessive gene.

Treatment for juvenile renal disease like displasia

The only possible and best treatment is low protein diet. There are of course some contradictory statements. One such is from Dr. Kenneth c. bovee [DVM]. As his research the low protein diet does not extend the life dogs with renal diseases [excretory problems]. But the only benefit that can be derived from the low protein diet is that there will be less production of uremic toxins. This less production of uremic toxin makes the dog to feel better.

He further comments that the phosphorous is the key in extending the life of the dog with kidney diseases as the high level of phosphorous hastens the renal failure where as the low level of phosphorous reduces the rate of kidney failure.

The prescription low protein diets are having less phosphorous content, which is the reason for being prescribed for the dogs with renal failure. But the pet owner should aware that he needs to tackle the hyper parathyroid by reducing the phosphorous intake from the intestine.

The prescribed diet

The dogs with renal failure [juvenile renal disease -renal displasia] need to be given minimum of three to four meals per day. This is to reduce the chance of vomiting. The protein in the feed though less the quality must be very good.

Here are few prescribed for the benefit of the pet owners. The best is egg and potato diet. This diet is low in protein and phosphorous but rich in potassium and normal sodium. One large is taken and cooked. Three cups of potato with skin is taken and boiled. One tablespoon of chicken fat is taken. Half multiple mineral tablet and one to two calcium carbonate tablets are taken. All the ingredients are mixed thoroughly and the pet food for dogs with renal failure is ready.

The pet owners of must be aware of the boxer dog excretory system health problem and must consult the veterinarian as soon as they have the slightest doubt of excretory problem.


Breed - The dogs with specific similar characteristics like size, color, etc

Protein- Building blocks of the human body.

Phosphorous - One of the minerals in the foodstuff.


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