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Belated Funny Photos - Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

January 17, 2023

A couple of days later than usual, Summer belatedly posts her weekly funny photos.

Even though I had some pretty funny hat photos on Sunday, I really wanted to share this week’s funny photos too! They were too good (bad?) not to post. So here you go.

Somali cat wearing a weird Christmas unicorn headband

Another reason I didn’t want to wait is because the holidays are already pretty far back in everyone’s rear view mirrors, and I wanted to use this photo sooner than later.

Somali cat on hind legs, partly out of frame

If my human wants me to sit up, she needs to have her camera ready!

Somali cat with ear coming out of hoodie.

At least she got my face in the shot, even if I do look a little vexed and disheveled.

Somali cat waving paw in a blur

And… it’s high five fail number 78332.

Somali cat behind by bare Christmas tree

That’s the end of the outtakes! After this, I’ll return to my normal schedule.

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Belated Funny Photos

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