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American Bull Dog Health Problem

July 20, 2022

American bulldog is a small dog. One should be happy about it because smaller dogs live longer than the medium or large sized dogs. The main reason is the cardiovascular and the joint problems are less in smaller dogs because of less weight. The bones and the joints deal with less weight hence they do not wear out that easily. So also the heart need not to stress itself to supply blood to the huge body and cells. Besides that smaller dogs will have less growth hormone. Recent studies suggest that growth hormones shorten the life span of the dogs. Let us discuss here about the food and vaccination to keep the American bull dogs health problems at bay.

The food that is best for American bull dog

The dogs can eat what all the human being can eat. There are numerous pet foods are also available in the market. One can give the food that is liked most by the dog but at the same time it is the duty of the pet owner to see that the food that is provided is healthy and nutritious.

The dogs as influenced by the genetics prefer the raw food than the cooked food. One must remember here that the wolves are the ancestors of the dogs. Wolf by being the wild animal is used to raw food. Hence the digestive system of the dogs is used to the raw food than the cooked branded foods.

As far as American bull dogs are concerned, they prefer fresh food very much. These dogs like fresh turkey, fresh chicken, and fresh beef. These dogs like to eat raw vegetables and fruits that are fresh. Oat meal, brown rice, eggs, yogurt and cheese are the other food stuffs that are preferred by these small beautiful American bull dogs.

Vaccination and its importance

Prevention is better than cure. This is very popular saying. Keeping the dog healthy and disease free is the objective of the pet owner. What one should do for this? The food and the water provided to the dog must be of good quality. The doghouse must be cleared regularly to keep the environment clean.

All those mentioned is not sufficient because there are many killer diseases that attack the dogs. Among diseases the viral diseases are more dangerous as there is no cure for it. Hence vaccination is the only other alternative to protect the dog. The dogs has to protected against, rabies, canine distemper, canine parvo virus etc

It so simple to prevent the American bull dog health problems if the owner of the dog follows the above mentioned suggestions.


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