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When we improve our pets' lives, we improve our lives.

Here in About Dog Health, we know that a knowledgeable owner and a skilled and experienced veterinary team are essential to a pet's health. Our articles provide pet owners with the knowledge and resources to keep their pets safe and healthy.

We aim to create a toolbox of non-toxic, cutting-edge methods to assist your pet's body's intrinsic capacity for healing and recovery if they get sick. Through our articles, we hope to veer your pet's health away from harm and find the underlying reasons for their sickness and degeneration.

Our pool of in-depth articles about pets covers a wide range of subjects. Our staff of licensed veterinarians and writers create insightful articles that are often updated with useful information developed over many years of practice. We also have in-house pet specialists who work hard to give you the most accurate advice on how to keep your animals delighted and healthy.

Aside from care tips, we will also provide the most up-to-date information on species-appropriate nutrition, lifestyle options, and proactive living to assist millions of pets worldwide in achieving abundant health.

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