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6 Signs Your Dog Loves You! – Paw Print

January 18, 2023

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  While plenty of Americans will be out looking for love, those of us with dogs don’t have far to go to find it.  Your dogs won’t care if you forgot to get them Valentine’s Day gifts.  And who would make a better snuggle buddy than your dog?  He won’t even make fun of you if you decide to spend the evening in your pajamas watching cheesy romance movies!  I almost never quote politicians, but in the words of George G. Vest, “The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog“.

signs dog lovesIt’s usually pretty easy to tell that our dogs love us.  However, it’s not always quite as obvious as Kitsune makes it seem in this photo (I’m sticking to my story- he was bringing me the heart pillow to tell me that he loves me, definitely not because he mistook it for one of his toys!).  If you’re feeling a bit lonely this valentine’s Day, and need some extra validation that your dog isn’t just spending time with you because you make amazing bacon, here are 6 signs that your dog loves you…

The tail tells all:

Watch your dog’s tail when he/she is around you.  Scientists have discovered that how your dog wags his tail can speak volumes.  Tail wagging doesn’t always signal happiness, as dogs that are feeling fearful, insecure, and even aggressive often times wag their tails.  Broad, fast tail wags, that are, often times, accompanied by butt and hip wiggles, usually signal a happy or excited dog.  Did you know that the direction in which a dog moves their tail can have meaning as well?  Studies have shown that dogs who are feeling positive about something or someone tend to wag their tails more towards their right, while they tend to wag more towards the left when they are feeling more negative.

More than just a belly rub: 

If your dog rolls over and displays their belly around you, it can mean more than just “I’m looking for a belly rub”.  A dog’s underbelly is a sensitive area that can be easily injured.  If your dog is presenting it to you in a calm, relaxed, or playful manner, it can signal that your dog trusts and is comfortable around you.

Follow the leader:

Your dog following you around whenever possible (even when he’s not after your snacks) is a clear sign that he wants to be with you!

The power of snuggles:

If your dog likes to snuggle up and sleep next to you, that’s another sign that he trusts you.  Would you feel comfortable sleeping next to someone you didn’t trust?  The same goes for dogs.  Sleeping can put them in a position of vulnerability.  By choosing to sleep next to you, your dog is showing that he feels safe around you.

Puppy Kisses:

Many people compare dogs licking to kissing.  There are many theories about why dogs like to lick so much.  While it may not always be because they love us, like when they are licking up food we may have spilled, licking releases endorphins that can make dogs feel comfort and pleasure.

Play attention to me!:

Seeking out their human’s attention, and that can mean for play as well as pets and snuggles, can be a sign that your dog loves you.  Although we don’t always have time to throw the ball that Fido insists on shoving into our hands again and again, and we don’t always appreciate the ways our dogs ask us for attention (such as jumping, begging, barking, etc), it still feels good to know that our furry friends enjoy spending time with us!

This isn’t, by any means, an all inclusive list.  Comment below – what are some other things your pooch does that make you feel loved?

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