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10 Most High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

October 13, 2022

Some dog breeds demand more maintenance than others. For instance, if you're contemplating a working breed, you should be aware that it will likely demand far more activity and mental stimulation than most other dogs. Similarly, a dog with a long coat requires more maintenance than one with a short coat. Some canine instincts, such as their hunting drive, are hardwired, so you will need to provide additional training to keep them under control.

Here are seven dog breeds that require additional care and attention.

Belgian Malinois

If you've ever observed a Belgian Malinois performing obedience training, police work, or search and rescue, you'll be aware of how intelligent and motivated they are. However, Mali demands a certain form of dwelling. If they are not given the opportunity to utilize their drive, they might become bored, anxious, argumentative, overly excited, reactive, and a difficulty overall. This dog's drive and work ethic are well-matched by dog sports.


The Puli has a really striking appearance. Its distinctive double coat generates strands that resemble dreadlocks. Thus, the dog's grooming routine becomes fairly complicated. Unless you're willing to spend a great deal of time maintaining and separating the cords, this is not the dog for you. Even bathing a Puli requires effort. After bathing, the cords must be completely dried to avoid mildew growth.


Greyhounds are friendly and loving friends. However, if you are contemplating a greyhound, you should be mindful of the breed's intense prey drive. On hikes, these dogs frequently desire to pursue wildlife. And indoors, they may not be able to coexist with little fuzzy creatures. Recall training may need significant effort, and your dog may only be able to go off-leash in secure areas.

Border collies 

Border collies excel at herding, but this innate desire can occasionally express negatively. They may pinch at family members' heels or even chase after automobiles and bicycles. Enrolling them in herding classes is an excellent method to channel this urge and expend the breed's considerable physical and mental energies. Border collies are active and eager to please. Therefore, they succeed in most other canine sports as well.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are high-intensity, high-endurance canines bred to be able to pull sleds through long distances of harsh arctic tundra. The off-leash recall might be difficult for these dogs due to their innate inclination to wander. They are also notorious escape artists, so you must construct a sturdy, high fence to keep them from escaping.


Beagles may be rather noisy canines. They were raised to utilize their characteristic baying howl to notify their human hunting partners of the scent or sight of prey. Some beagles scream, yip, whine, and bark for the sheer joy of it, and it takes very little for them to break into a fit of vocalization. Providing your beagle with a great deal of exercise and mental stimulation might aid in keeping it calm at home. Consistent instruction is also required to encourage quiet conduct.


Large Japanese Akitas are renowned for their courage, unwavering loyalty, and protective nature. However, Akitas can be apprehensive of strangers and frequently display intolerance or aggression against other canines. Early socialization and training are essential for ensuring that an Akita behaves well among visitors and other dogs. However, many are still best suited for one-dog families and must be carefully monitored among other canines.


Over the years, bulldogs have been bred to seem more stocky. They have developed additional wrinkles, and their face has gotten flatter. This selective breeding for aesthetics has not been beneficial to the breed. Today, bulldogs frequently suffer from a variety of health challenges, such as breathing difficulty, hyperthermia, eye illnesses, skin ailments, and joint problems. Even if you go to a reputable breeder, you should be prepared for any health issues.

Chow Chow

Although chow chows can be peaceful and devoted family pets, they are not suitable for rookie dog owners. Chows are noted for being independent and strong-willed, and they can be reactive against other dogs. This can make training difficult. Consistency, patience, and an abundance of positive reinforcement are essential while teaching your dog appropriate actions.

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell terriers have vivacious personalities and are bright and active. But their terrier characteristics can be problematic. Given their reputation as champion rodent hunters, they frequently have a strong hunting drive and like digging. Training in recollection is vital. And you may need to provide them with a dedicated location to dig unless you're okay with having holes all over your yard.


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